Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and the finest producer of specialty coffee in the world. In Ethiopia we don’t just grow coffee. We LIVE coffee each and every day. It's embedded in the daily activities of our lives. We grew up surrounded by family members harvesting the finest beans and then hand selecting and hand roasting these beans and preparing them into the most magical coffees ever sipped.

Ruspoli's Turaco Coffee is a home based coffee roastery, located in Alexandria, Virginia with the vision to progress the way we roast coffee. We focus on roasting coffee. That is what we do. It’s our profession and our passion.

We at Ruspoli's Turaco Coffee wants to bring this amazing experience to your daily routine of your life.

Why you’ll love our coffee: 

Our coffee varieties from the Yirgachefe region of Ethiopia are known for their floral complexity and refreshing citrus flavors. Sweet and refined, this one-of-a-kind Ethiopian coffee has the power to excite any coffee lover.

Story of the bean:
All coffee throughout the world descends from plants which originally grew wild in the highlands of Ethiopia. Within coffee’s birthplace, the Yirgachefe region is world-renowned for its distinctively floral and fruity coffees. Using modern processing techniques, this coffee was triple sorted by size, color, and density until the final product reaches a point of near-perfection. This pure expression of ancient heirloom coffee is unlike any other.